We like to build, create, play, and eat. Probably not in that order.

We have over 15 years of experience in the computer manufacturing industry, building computers, encoders, and websites that make people happy and businesses thrive.

Justin Kelley

It all started in 1885 when Marty McFly and Doctor Emit Brown hijacked a locomotive to push a time machine 88 mph to go Back to the Future…

As a child, I fell in love with trains (and reenacting trains falling, in a blaze of glory, off unfinished bridges). As time passed my love of trains turned into a model hobby, which drove my interest in electronics, audio/video equipment, and later computers.

During high school I built my first computer. Driven by the most sacred things in life, I also setup a p-t-p network to play Halo (1) online (before Xbox live).

In 2006 I received an Associate’s degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering Technology. Over the years I have regularly setup networks, hosted websites, and built computers.

Not so Ancient History

Since 2015 my company and I have partnered with Resi Media, LLC (FKA Living As One). To date we have built over 6000 units and 10 different model series.

Our live streaming experience has supported Princeton Youth Football, NTBA lives chats, and even a wedding. We love new projects and new challenges! Send it.