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Twisted Transistor is a company that assembles computer hardware components to create functional computing devices. We engage in research and development to innovate and improve technology, ensuring the production of efficient and reliable computers. As a computer manufacturer, we play a crucial role in providing a diverse range of computing solutions to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Quality control, technological advancements, and customer support are integral aspects of their operations to deliver cutting-edge and reliable computing devices to the market.

Twisted Transistor, LLC can help with your computer manufacturing needs on corporate level. We have been the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Resi Media LLC (Living As One) since their inception. Over the years Twisted Transistor has manufactured over 9,000 computers, over multiple product lines, including: Resi encoders, Resi decoders, Resi Ray Encoders.

Through our partnership with Resi, Twisted Transistor has had the pleasure manufacturing a couple of dozen custom Intel NUCs for Meta (Facebook).

Computer Manufacturing

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Resi Media LLC
Custom Intel NUCs
Custom Intel NUCs

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